• An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Hospital

About Karmdeep

Karmdeep – A clinic with the vision of providing the best in skin and orthopedics in gujarat – was founded in 2004, under the vision of Dr. Dilip K Pethani and Dr. Neha K Pathani.

We built Karmdeep with a focus on exceptional care and comfort for our patients. 14 years back, we have established a trust and reputation for providing the most advanced treatments using high-tech tools, always delivered with the same old-fashioned personalized care. Our clinic provides a wide range of Orthopedic and skin services.

Over the years, we have introduced new and innovative treatments in each specialty, and brought to India some of the most advanced skin and smile care innovations like Exillis Elite for skin tightening, skin enhancement treatments, treatment for acne, treatment for wrinkles and skin upliftment, skin lightening, enhancement of hair growth, dandruff treatment, scar removal, skin allergy treatment, laser hair removal, hair loss treatment, to name a few and the latest in orthopedics surgeries.

At Karmdeep we love technology - we invest in the best equipment, which are considered the gold standard in their category globally. But even our most high-tech tools are utilised with a personal attentive care to our patients. We respect that each individual has different needs when they walk into our clinic and we provide individualised treatments, designed specifically to address the patient’s needs and concerns. These are values shared not just by us, but each one of our team of doctors, therapists and support staff.